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  •  Discover your purpose in life & understand why you are here.
  •  Identify and develop your passions.
  •  Recognize hindrances and roadblocks to walking in your destiny.
  •  E-book, paperback, and hardcover formats.
  •  Available from all book retailers world-wide.
Watch behind the scenes mp4 videos of the weekly radio
broadcast that Dan Hayne does with Cheryl Boggs on her "Resting
In His Word" program. These broadcasts are heard on the
Fishbowl Radio Network each Monday. Experience the miraculous!
These free audio teachings will help you to place your hands on
some tools that will launch you into your destiny. Some of the
topics covered are prophecy, prayer strategies, the creative force
of words, hearing God's voice, and experiencing the supernatural.
All of these podcasts are free.
Help yourself, they are all free.
Here are the audio radio archives taken from the weekly broadcast
that Dan Hayne does with Cheryl Boggs on her "Resting In His
Word" program. Much of the material found in Dan's book,
"Keys to
Your Future"
 is covered here. Go for a purpose driven life!
These are all free, too.
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"11 Questions That
Uncover Your
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