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Fee Schedule
We have a passion to help people discover and grow in their purpose. Dan can speak on a
variety of subjects including:

  • Identify and pursue your purpose.

  • The importance of Testimonies.

  • Effective prayer strategies for the next generation.

  • Understanding the languages of God's Spirit.

  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  • Creating an Atmosphere for Miracles.

  • Working in the supernatural.

  • Other similar topics as the Spirit leads.
Speaking Topics
We do not have a standard or set charge for events, and the ministry is entirely
based on faith donations.

Dan usually asks for an offering or honorarium for each presentation. If this is not
appropriate for your event and you are charging a registration fee, you might
consider giving Dan a percentage of that fee.
  • 50 cents/mile for up to 4 hours drive from Spokane, WA.
  • Otherwise, airfare, plus hotel and meals in addition to an honorarium.
  • We prefer not to stay in people's homes.
Dan's fee schedule is flexible. Ministry is a higher priority than money.
He is open to negotiation and willing to work within the event planner's budget.
Dan Hayne Speaking Request Form
Thank you for your request to have Dan speak at your church or ministry. To assist us in
reviewing your request, please FULLY complete the following form and submit. Only completed
forms will be processed. We will pray over your request and respond in a timely manner.
Travel expenses for speaker to include:
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