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'The Prayer I Quit Praying'
which includes the amazing
story of our son Josiah's birth.
dh MISSIONS was launched in 2010 by Dan and Ruth Hayne. Our ministry is
involved with:

  • Speaking at churches, conferences, and study groups, as well as radio
    broadcasting, together with producing digital media, books, and written
    materials to build and strengthen foundations in the Body of Christ.

  • Supporting the work of worthy Christian endeavors both at home and

Our ministry was founded with the intent of assisting other ministries, individuals,
and the Body of Christ at large to come into all that God has for them. We also
desire to see others fervently pursue the Lord, as they discover and mature in
their callings. We also feel it is important to develop a focus upon good character,
integrity, and God's wisdom.

We convey our message mostly through church meetings, conferences, and
study groups as well as through radio broadcasting, digital media, the Internet,
writing, and our daily lives. Our passion is to unlock and release biblical truths
that will help believers experience added dimensions in their walk with the Lord.

'It's Possible' and 'Kingdom Keys' Radio Outreaches...

Dan is currently streaming two encouraging weekly audio segments heard on AM
and FM radio stations in the United States as well as on leading Internet radio
stations broadcasting internationally.
'It's Possible' and 'Kingdom Keys' are a
part of Cheryl Boggs'
'Resting in His Word' radio program.

'It's Possible' is heard live each week for 20 minutes on the Fish Bowl Radio
Network's Grey Bowl found on Also, leading Gospel Internet
Station and both carry pre-
recorded segments of
'Kingdom Keys' for three minutes each week. 'It's
and 'Kingdom Keys' are world-wide outreaches that impact thousands
each week with dynamic teaching that advances people in their walk with the Lord.
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The Prayer I Quit Praying
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Going Beyond the Veil to Discover Purpose
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We are now streaming 'It's Possible' & 'Kingdom Keys' as
a part of Cheryl Boggs'
'Resting in His Word' radio program.
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Dan, Ruth, & Josiah Hayne
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